Are kydex holsters more comfortable than leather ?

by Hayden Cooper
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kydex gun holster


One of the most common questions asked by gun owners is that which holsters are more comfortable, kydex or leather. Kydex holsters are made of a thin, synthetic material that is durable, lightweight and also resistant to moisture. Although kydex holsters are stiff and rigid, they are highly moldable into different designs to fit the shape of your gun.

Kydex holsters also come with an adjustable retention system which can be tightened or loosened according to individual preferences. This retention system helps in making sure that the gun doesn’t move around in the holster while you are moving about. This is a feature that is not found in many other holsters such as leather holsters. Therefore the ease of holstering your weapon is greater in Kydex holsters. There are significant difference between these kydex and leather holsters.

custom leather gun holster

Custom hand made leather gun holster

However, it is important to note that leather gun holsters have been around for a very long time. In fact the earliest holsters made for guns were made from leather and till date are one of the most common types of holsters. The wide spread use of leather is mainly due to its resilience, strength and ease of availability.


Furthermore, when it comes to looks, style or comfort, nothing beats the look and smell of a genuine leather holster. Leather holsters can be customized to give you a unique and distinctive look to set your gun apart from others. Leather holsters are much more comfortable than kydex. The leather material is flexible and supple and it allows for a more natural grip on the weapon because they conform to the shape of the body better.

The main drawback of leather holsters is that they are not as durable as kydex. A kydex holster will last much longer than a leather holster. Kydex can withstand extreme conditions like heat, cold, or water without any damage. Leather gun holsters will absorb moisture from the environment and lose their shape over time if not properly maintained.

However, both kydex and leather holsters can cause marks and scratches on the firearm over a prolonged time period. Kydex holsters are much more expensive than other holsters material due to the amount of labor to involved to shape the holsters

You can almost never go wrong with a leather holster, no matter what type the gun is or where it is worn on the body and is still one of the most popular materials used to make holsters for guns.

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