How to clean a Gun Holster

by Hayden Cooper
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How to clean a Gun Holster

Gun owners are normally well aware of the importance of keeping their guns clean. But not many of us realize the importance of cleaning our gun holsters. If you take proper care of your gun holster, it can last for quite a while. It is also important to remember that a clean gun holster not only makes you look good but also the gun.

Cleaning a gun

Cleaning a gun

1. Maintain a schedule

Just like you always remember to clean your car, you need to clean your holster depending on how often you use it. Moreover, depending upon where you live, weather conditions such as heat and humidity and as well as how often you use your firearm, your gun holster needs to cleaned at least once a month.

Always remember to clean your gun holster

Always remember to clean your gun holster

2. What is your gun holster made of ?

Leather holsters are one the most popular materials for gun holsters, although there are a number of other materials from which holster are made from. If your gun holster is made of leather avoid the following cleaning routines:


    • Do not allow any stains or grease to remain for too long. Instead clean off the stains with a moist cloth.

    • For hard to reach places using a soft tooth brush is recommended along with a microfiber cloth.

    • Do not use a wet cloth as it could cause the leather to stain permanently

    • Under no circumstances are you to put your leather holster in a washing machine

    • In case the leather holster has become wet, allow it to air dry naturally at room temperature. Avoid blow dryers or any other similar machines to prevent the leather holster from getting cracked on the surface. Blow drying over a prolonged period will permanently damage and weaken the leather holster.

    • Avoid soapy water as well as harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, furniture polishes and varnish detergents on your leather holster.

    • In case you gun holster is made from some other material it would be a good idea to contact the firm or manufacturer of the gun holster for guidance.

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