Can using a Gun Holster save your life ?

by Hayden Cooper
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Can using a Gun Holster save your life

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)  over 45,222 people died from firearm injuries in 2020 in the U.S. alone. A leading cause of accidental discharge is improper storage and not using a gun holster to secure the weapon. Using a gun holster can save lives and prevents these deaths.  

Furthermore about 1% of all deaths by firearms are accidental discharges due to lack of proper storage or handling a firearm. Although statistically 1% of deaths due to accidental discharge may seem insignificant at first but in other words it simply means that 1 live is lost every day in the US and it includes minors as well. These deaths can be avoided if attention is paid towards the issue.

Gun owners often keep their loaded firearms upholstered and out in the open. A loaded weapon say on top of fridge could easily become unbalanced and fall letting of an accidentally discharge.

Failure to wear a proper gun holster while carrying a gun also is a form of improper storage. We can all agree that tucking in your beretta in your waist belt looks really cool, but that is simply not safe.

You not only endanger yourself but all those around you. A firearm must be secured in a holster when its on a person. Not only is it more comfortable, accessible but it keeps you and those around you safe from accidents.

The use of a gun holster is becoming all more important keeping in view that accidental discharge is becoming a growing public health issue since since gun ownership has been on a constant rise over the last several years.

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