Top 8 Concealed Carry Mistakes

by Hayden Cooper
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concealed carry mistakes

We all make mistakes, but when you are conceal carrying a loaded firearm mistakes can be dangerous for you and those around you. There are certain things that you have to be mindful of when conceal carrying a gun. The following is a list of the top 8 conceal carry mistakes that you need to avoid, many of which I made when I first started carrying my firearm:


1) Buying a gun holster without knowing which type is best for you

This is the most common mistake made by new gun owners. People tend to focus much more on the gun and pay very little attention and time when it comes to the gun holster. They consider it as a generic product and think that one size fits. If you intend to conceal carry, a holster has to the right size for your gun, be comfortable and conveniently located for you to access the gun. It is important to try out different types of holsters before deciding on which one suits you best.


2. Using a poor quality, cheap gun holster or No holster at all

Many of us especially first time gun owners are so focused on the gun that when it comes to the holster, choosing the cheapest one only seems logical.

There are so many holsters available in the market including cheap nylon holsters. It is important to avoid poor quality and cheap holsters if you intend to conceal carry you gun for longer periods. Your gun holster has to be comfortable and the right size for your gun so that it is able to retain your firearm.

gun without holster

gun without holster

Not using any type of holster at all especially when carrying a loaded gun is to be avoided at all cost. Its very unsafe as the gun could fall off causing accidental discharge. Without a gun holster, there is no protection of the trigger which may also cause accidental firing of the weapon which could be lethal or cause serious injury.

Although currently there are no federal laws on conceal carrying a weapon without a gun holster, investing in a good quality holster will secure and safeguard both you and your gun.


3) Constantly checking your gun

This is something which new concealed carry gun owners are often guilty off.

Constantly checking your gun if its still there can lead to an accidental discharge and this is why more experienced gun carriers will tell you to keep your hands off the gun until it’s needed. Checking on your gun constantly will defeat the very purpose of conceal carry as you will be spotted by others around you. Rest assured if you have purchased a decent enough holster, your gun ain’t going anywhere.


4. Publicly adjusting your gun & holster

Sometimes when you are conceal carrying you have the urge to adjust either your gun or holster especially if its becomes too uncomfortable. There is no harm in adjusting your holster but its best not do so in a public place in full view of other as you will draw unwanted attention. This is just like constantly touching your gun to see if its still there. When you are conceal carrying its best not to draw too much attention to yourself. Finding a public bathroom, your car or any secluded place to adjust your weapon and holster is highly recommended.

Frequently checking on your gun to re-adjust it may be a sign that the gun holster you are using might not be a proper match for your gun or your body. A good gun holster secures your firearm in comfortable position and does not need to be readjusted every now and then.


5. Improper Clothing

If you intend to conceal carry your firearm, you should not allow your gun to become exposed or even show an outline on your clothes. We all have our own unique sense of clothing styles that we become accustomed too over the years. However when you start to conceal carry we need to adjust ourselves and the clothes we wear in order to conceal the gun and prevent our gun to print on our clothes.

This is all the more important when it comes to certain states that have more stricter conceal carry laws and their implementation. It best to avoid unnecessary situations with the local law enforcement authorities that may arise due to your gun being exposed due to improper clothing.


6. Understanding Federal, State & Local Laws

Ignorance of the law is no excuse when it comes to conceal carrying a firearm. It’s your responsibility as a responsible gun owner to know the laws and any changes in them. These will include not only Federal laws but both state and local laws. If you are planning a road trip it is important to find out if that state you are going to will honor your conceal carry permit or not.

There are certain “No issue” states that have no provision in their laws to allow anyone to carry a firearm. Illinois, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia are three states that all have “no issue” state jurisdiction laws. Therefore even if you are carrying a valid conceal carry permit issued by your state, these three states will not honor your license or permit.

Similarly there are those states that have un-restricted concealed carry laws in force. In a state with un-restricted concealed carry laws, no license or permit is required to carry a concealed firearm. Currently there are 27 States that allow for permitless concealed carry.


7. Mental Temperament

Once you start to conceal carry a gun, we tend to think that we are unstoppable and invincible. One of the biggest mistakes made by first time conceal carriers is that they think that a gun gives you automatic protection. It is important to remember that you may not be the only once who is conceal carrying a firearm.

A recent survey in 2021 has shown that approximately 11% of aggravated assaults (where intention is to cause serious bodily harm to another) involved some type of firearm.

With a loaded weapon, you have to be more careful, calm and responsible. Do not go out looking for trouble and do not escalate the situation just because you are carrying a concealed weapon. In-fact you should do the opposite and try to avoid trouble at all costs.


8. Proper Training with live ammunition fire

There is no use of conceal carrying a gun is you don’t know how to use a loaded gun.

It is important to learn certain skills before you conceal carry a loaded gun. Environmental awareness, mental preparation, firearm familiarity and crisis management are all skills that you need to acquire.

Unfortunately, those states that do have some sort of live fire training exercises provide only basic knowledge before issuing a concealed carry permit. Therefore it is important to get enrolled in a proper gun course with a certified instructor at a shooting range.


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