3 Best Gun Holster for Car

by Hayden Cooper
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3 Best Gun Holster for Car

Gun holster for cars are useful for those individuals that spend a considerable time driving in their vehicles. With an increase in crimes such as car jacking and muggings while at gas stations, more and more people are preferring to carry their guns while commuting in their vehicles.

From a safety point of view, it’s not recommended to simply wedge your gun in between your seat, jam it in the coffee cup holder or just leave it on your car seat, which many of us are guilty off. You need to get a proper holster designed for your car. It is important to remember that whether you are in your car, truck or any other vehicle, you will have your seat belt across your body. This will severely limit and hinder your access to your gun while wearing a traditional holster. The seat belt will interfere and slow your draw. It will also be uncomfortable and increases the chances of an accident or accidental discharge. An inside the waist band holster or even an outside the waist band holster is best suited when standing or walking. However, while sitting in the confined space of your car or truck for prolonged periods with your seat belt across your body, these holsters are neither comfortable nor practical.


Is it legal to carry a gun in your car ?

Is it legal to carry a gun in your car

Is it legal to carry a gun in your car

One of the most common questions asked by gun owners is whether you can carry your gun in your car. There are no uniform conceal carry laws across the Untied States. Therefore, laws differ from state to state, so its important to understand the laws of your state and as well as your local county laws.

At present the vast majority of the states do require a conceal carry gun permit in order for you to carry your gun in your car. Some states have specific laws regarding guns in a vehicle. For example Florida law states that if you have a firearm in your vehicle it has to be in a holster with a thumb strap. In some states even with conceal carry permits you are not allowed to carry the gun with you. Instead the gun should be in a locked gun case along with the ammunition in the trunk of the car.

If you are planning to take a road trip to another state, its best to check out the laws for that state in order to keep out of trouble. You are immediately subject to the laws of the state as soon as you cross it. It could be a felony if you get caught carrying a gun and you could end up in jail, while both your car and gun end up being impounded.


What makes a good gun holster for cars ?


There are several features and points to consider when looking for a good gun holster for use in a car.

1. A good gun holster for car should be easy to install and mount. It should be installed at a place where it is not clearly visible to any passerby.

2. The holster should be able to securely hold the gun in place to prevent it from falling down or being accessed by unauthorized individuals. It is important that the gun remains secure while on rough and uneven roads to prevent accidental discharge.

3. The holster should be easily accessible to the user in case of an emergency.

4. The holster should be made of high quality materials and be able to withstand wear and tear as well as the weight of the gun.

5. The holster should be compatible with the specific make and model of gun that it will be used with. The holster should be the appropriate size for the gun it will be used with.

6. The holster should be easy to use and allow the user to quickly and easily draw the gun when needed.


The following are the 3 best gun holster for car that are currently available.


1. Magnetic Gun Holster:

Magnetic Gun Holster

Magnetic Gun Holster

Magnetic Gun Holster for cars give a clean, quick and easy draw. They can literally be placed anywhere in the vehicle. The most common place to put these type of holsters are under the steering wheels, between the seat and the console and under the glove compartment.

They come with both screws and adhesives and are super easy and quick to install. They are rubber coated to prevent scratches to your gun. They can normally hold a gun up to 45 pounds. However, heavier guns might fall out. Even lighter guns may fall down if the road is bumpy and uneven.

These type of gun holsters for cars are popular since they are simple, easy to install and will fit even in small spaces that a conventional car gun holster will not.

One disadvantage of these holsters is that the screws have to be drilled, which permanently modifies your car and looks bad if taken off. During installation you have to be careful not to attach the holster over the vehicles airbags. Many cars today have knee airbags on the driver’s side. So its best to check your vehicle’s documentation thoroughly before installing the magnetic gun holster. You holster should not be placed in any place that interferes with your car’s on board safety devices and hinders the airbags from deploying in an accident.


2. Vehicle Holster Multi Mount:

Vehicle Holster Multi Mount

Vehicle Holster Multi Mount

This type of holster for car is fitted in the gap between the driver’s seat and center console of the car. It normally uses Velcro straps which attach to the seat belt buckle of your vehicle. It connects to your seat belt handle and runs along the seat to the center console at the front of the car. These types of holsters fit easily and do not require any sort of modification or alteration to your car. They can just as easily be taken off and installed in another car.

A major advantage of these holsters for cars is that your firearm is just near your knee. It is easily accessible and ensures a very quick draw since your hands are already on the steering wheel while driving. It only requires the movement of one hand to reach the holster. Therefore the draw of the gun is very fast as compared to a person wearing an IWB or OWB holster, which requires them to first take off their seat belt and adjust their body position before they begin to draw the gun.

A vehicle holster multi mount is also quite concealable and would not be noticed by a passerby. These holsters do not interfere with anything else in the car such as the glove compartment or airbags which are located throughout the dashboard. They reduce draw time considerably and are super easy to install.


3. Survival Mobility Duffel Bag:

Survival Mobility Duffel Bag

Survival Mobility Duffel Bag

A popular method of carrying a gun in car is in a survival mobility duffel bag inside the car which is kept on the passenger side seat. These bags are normally padded, have multiple side pockets, and are ideal for storing or transporting more than one firearm while still having ample room for ammunition and magazines. The material used to make the bags is normally weather resistant and waterproof. They come in various sizes. Since the bag is in the car you can simply remove the zip and then access your gun.

However, an issue with these bags is that the gun is normally free floating inside the bag and can change positions if not properly secured. It is recommended to keep your gun in a holster while you keep it in the bag in order to secure the firearm.



As mentioned earlier, if you want to take a loaded gun in your vehicle, it is important to get a gun holster for your car in order to secure your weapon.

Car accidents are quite common and it does not matter how careful you drive. During your life time, the chances are that you will get into a couple of car accidents. A loaded gun in a car without a proper gun holster for your car to secure it can be dangerous and even fatal at times. During impact in a car accident, the probability that your gun will dismount or shift places is quite high. Depending upon the severity of the accident, the impact of free floating objects in the car may cause even more injury to the driver of the vehicle than the accident itself. The force of the impact could also lead to an accidental discharge.

As a responsible gun owner, it is essential to secure your gun properly in a holster for your car to ensure your safety and prevent accidents. 

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